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We offer seven different programs:

This is the first phase of accessing the programmes, where we assess the needs of the young person to establish if they are suitable for one of our programmes and if so which programme would best suit their needs.

Assessment involves:

  • A meeting with our DoctorCrinan Youth Project
  • A meeting with our Counsellor
  • A meeting with our Manager
  • Urine analysis
Decisions are made in our weekly clinical team meeting, upon completion of all stages of assessment and the individual/family member of referee (if applicable) is notified of the outcome thereafter. The approximate timeframe for assessment is 1-2 weeks, depending on vacancies on the project, attendance and completion of at all scheduled assessment appointments.

This group is for young people who are experiencing problematic drug use and need support to reduce their use. It is a structured programme which involves the following:

  • Weekly appointments with our Doctor (Mon/Thurs)Crinan Youth Project
  • Weekly appointment with our Counsellor
  • Weekly careplan meeting with their designated keyworker
  • Attendance on Wednesdays from 1pm-4pm: Lunch, Drug Education & Relapse Prevention Groups, Acupuncture
  • Urine analysis

The aim of this group is to support the young people to stabilise, reduce their drug use and work towards becoming drug-free. There is a natural pathway from the pre-entry group into our full-time programme, progression group and/or referrals to residential detox/treatment programmes (if necessary).

This programme is to support young people who are stable in their drug use to work towards becoming drug-free. It runs Monday, Tuesday, (12.30-4pm) Thursday (1-4pm) and Friday (1-3pm). This is a structured programme which involves:

  • Weekly appointment with our Doctor (mon/thurs)
  • Weekly appointment with our Counsellor
  • Weekly careplan meeting with their designated keyworker
  • Participation in Relapse Prevention GroupsCrinan Youth Project
  • Participation in daily group activities – Yoga, Relaxation, Art, Wind down groups, social program outings
  • Urine analysis
  • Lunch
  • Holistic treatments

The aim of this programme is to support young people in maintaining their stability, to become drug-free and to work on various areas of their lives through goal-setting careplans and work towards moving on to full-time education and training in the community.

This programme is to support young people who are on a training/education programme (including school). This programme involves:

Crinan Youth Project

  • Weekly appointment with our Doctor (Mon/Thurs)
  • Weekly appointment with our Counsellor
  • Weekly careplan meeting with their designated keyworker
  • Participation in Relapse Prevention Groups
  • Urine analysis
  • Holistic treatments

The aim of this programme is to support young people to make the transition into mainstreamed activities, education/training and other relevant community services, while maintaining their stable/drug-free status.

This programme is to support young people who have completed drug treatment and have moved on to employment/education/training. The aim is to support the young person during the early stages of move-on.

Crinan Youth Project

This programme is designed to support family members of the young people who are experiencing drug problems. Family members can avail of one or all of the following services:

  • One to one meetings with the family support worker – formal/informal, crisis intervention, advocacy work.Crinan Youth Project
  • Family Therapy (one to one for family members and/or family therapy sessions)
  • Family support groupsstatue.
  • Community Reinforcement Family Training group.
  • Holistic treatments.

This service provides information Crinan Youth Projectand support to people experiencing difficulty relating to their use of drugs, in particular Cocaine, Crack Cocaine and Headshop Drugs. This programme is designed to provide specific drug treatment to problematic drug users, including cocaine users, crack cocaine users and other stimulant drug users between the ages of 14 – 21 in the North Inner City. Due to the polydrug using nature of the target group we find that we are providing this service to young people with a variety of drug problems and it serves as a first point of contact for many potential participants for the day programme. This programme involves:

  • 2 Outreach workers – 1:1 support, assessment & referral for further treatment, residential (where necessary)
  • Outreach/streetwork.
  • An evening drop-in service – Monday and Thursday between 5-8pm
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Counselling.
  • Holistic therapies.

The aim of this programme is to provide a safe, friendly and relaxed service into which young people can feel comfortable in accessing treatment for problematic cocaine/headshop stimulant use. To encourage these young people to work towards reducing their use and looking at their treatment options.